Friday, 8 March 2013

Apprentice Taste Tester

What is this? a Twitter job advert for an Easter Nom Taste Apprentice for 'Darcy' Chief Taster for Little Barker Bakery

What with my health problems and being on steroids I get very hungry indeed so an excuse to eat more in the name of research how can my humans who are failing to keep me trim refuse! BOL!!

So I put in my Twitter application and crossed my paws!

A little while later I got some excellent news! I had been chosen by Darcy! *spin spin spin* #woof

I waited by the door in anticipation! and low and behold the stagecoach rolled up with my delivery! *hooray*

I wasted no time in opening my little cardboard box and look what was inside!

Lovely biscuits all for me to taste in the name of research! I was going to enjoy this!

I tucked in!!

My first taste testing mission:

On first inspection the biscuits where presented very well, wrapped in cellphone to keep them fresh. The biscuits where in several easter themed designs. On closer inspection the biscuits had a rich deep brown colour - not at all wishy washy. The biscuits where crisply cut and retained a detailed surface pattern. Yummy!

Taking them out of there shines packet the biscuit feel crisp and smell good.

Now the important part - taste test!

Upon biting they feel very satisfying, producing an audible crunch - nice and fresh. They had a good use by date too.

As for the taste all I can say it the biscuits are all gone and I'm sat by the door waiting for another little package! Come on humans please order me some more?

I highly recommend these my pal 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ gold rating!

Get yours and lots more lovely noms from

Darcy is also on twitter #BTposse members and will happily talk about her superb noms and all things nommy which she is currently baking up with the help of her humans @thelittlebarker

Got to go now pals off to order some more @thelittlebarkernoms

Lots of love

Gimli xx

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