Sunday, 28 April 2013

Secret Mission!

Well howdy furs!!

It's been a while since I last blogged and thought it was about time I got my paw into action and wrote a little ditty!

It's been a rough month or so with my allergies, those pesky unknown microscopic microbe things have been invading my system. I've tried nibbling them off, or using the abrasive properties of the carpet to scrape them away - but they are just to persistent.

Some kind twitter pals have suggested some wonderful remedies to alleviate the bothersome symptoms. So while you may be eating your porridge and drinking your red tea, I'll be bathing my tummy in it to draw out those blighters and give my skin a break from their chomping.

I have also been aided by another supplement of biscuits supplied by the Little Barker Bakery. Though technically my appointment is one of very esteemed deputy tester to the boss Darcey! This is work rather than pleasure, but I have had immeasurable job satisfaction from their new offerings, which when hearing about my skin problems they very kindly put on their thinking caps and came up with some treats that could have a positive benefits for me.

I love this job!!

Enclosed in the little box that the Postie pushed through my letter box was 2 packets of biscuits cut into lovely bones, stars and heart shapes and a lovely letter:

Now being boss - Darcey did the first taste test and liked the tomato ones best, and I have to agree they are nomtastic!!! I was sad when I had eaten them all up! but given time, the Cranberry ones did take me more and more by surprise, and I found myself wanting more and more!

You have done it again Darcey and your staff at The Little Barker Bakery these new biscuits are fabulous!!

Now you may be thinking can I try some of these tasty nomtastic biscuits? Well the answer is yes, and the Tasty Tomato ones are currently available to buy so check them out at:

Can me and my humans just thank all those that have supported us offering a wealth of information over the past few months your support has been a great source of comfort on difficult days!

Off to a specialist in 4 weeks, and on Tuesday I will be steroid free for the first time in 3 years so hopefully pot belly free soon too!! BOL!!


Lots of love

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