Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Update for pals! - My Visit to the Specialist!! 28.05.13

Just a quick update for all my pals!!!

As you know I have had poorly skin since I arrived here 3 years ago and my humans felt very sad because at times I am in so much distress that they did raid their piggy banks and arranged for me to see a specialist in this field.

Waiting for my appointment hasn't been the easiest of 5 weeks due to having gone cold turkey on the steroids that I have been dependant on for the past 3 years!. But can I Just say *drum roll* by doing this I have lost over 1.2kg in steroid body weight! Lots more to go but it could take up to 1 year for all the steroids to get out of my body! #onthewaytobeslimgim

So by Monday I was really fed up and ready to make the journey so hopefully I could be made better!

It was a big day for me yesterday Merseyside we got up very early to travel to Merseyside.

After 3 hours travelling we arrived, and I was stressed, barking and woofing dogs, purring cats, and squeaking ferrets making noise just put me on edge even more.

We went in to see the specialist, who seemed nice and asked lots of questions. What I eat, where I sleep, what meds I've had, and about hundred other questions. The specialist had owned a BT so I was in good hands. She knew I was friendly and examined me on the table. She lit up my tummy and peered at tiny things invading my skin. I had my ears looked at and some fur pulled out that was just about hanging onto me. She explained how I would have some samples taken from the deep layers of my skin and how they would be cut up and shipped out to places to be looked at and pondered over. I would be shaved and they didn't think they would be able to do the allergy test as I have had so many steroids in my system that my skin may not react to the test properly but she would try. I would have to be sleep through it all because i would need stitches. But that suits me, could do with a rest.

I was collected at 5 ish and then they told me and my humans what was wrong with me. I am allergic to a spectrum of things that are unfortunately distributed over the year. That means, allergens are effecting me most of the year. I have a bad skin infection that I have had now for 3 years, and my skin is in a bad way all over and deep inside my body. It is suspected that the bugs in my system are a 'super bug'. This means they have special powers to resist antibacterial medication. So to combat this I have a special shampoo every day that will kill the bugs, while a decent dose of antibiotics at the correct dose should prevent any more bugs from forming and over a period of time clear the deep down infection away. When I'm clear of the infection they can then treat my allergies hopefully with a special vaccine made specially for me to combat the specific things I'm allergic too.

Before I left the specialist rubbed some soothing oat spray on me to keep my skin cool and my humans can apply this whenever I need soothing. I also have some tablets to help me (and my humans) get some sleep so I can get break from the damage caused to my skin from scratching and chewing it all the time.

My war wounds! I have a few of these here and there on my body! but thankfully no cone of shame was given!! phew!!

The allergy testing spots!

Glad to be travelling home after my day!

Resting today!

Thank you to all my pals for supporting us and all the lovely tweets and messages sorry if we didn't respond personally we was a bit all over the place yesterday!

Lots of love
Gimli xx
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  1. It sounds very hopeful xx

  2. Hi Gimli - you are very brave pal & we hope you will be better soon xxx

  3. I haz sneaked in to wish you well old pal....I duz ave speshul affkshun for da vets and confydence that they will elp you all dey can....good luck and we ope you is all cleared up soon

  4. Gimli, AriGold BT's mum here. You are one of my absolute favourites of the BT posse. I just came across your blog now. You have very lovely parents, and I am so happy to hear some doctor person has a plan to make you better. Fingers crossed for happier times ahead for you. Licks

  5. Ah, there was a reason apart from you being a favourite (alongside scrappy Nelson and barney Coleman) was I'd your Dad the Paul Smith on Pinterest who paints am awesome BT and was wondering if you could have words with him to see if I could commission him to paint AG as a present for Ari's dad. I would pay you a finders fee, like a babble ball?