Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Great News

Hey pals...it's been sometime since I last blogged so I thought sharing some good news with you all would be a great opportunity for me to take paw to Ipaw once again......

I have some amazing new about my past - which being my past I ought to remember...but in those days I was young terrier just bothered about my kibble and making sure the garden airspace was clear of birds.

I had a very special DM from @Cooper68Cooper informing me the think they know who my brother is and where I am from. That was so exciting, someone actually knows about my past...that will explain a lot! it turns out that my brother was rehomed with Harvey's mum's brother..

A few days later we received an email with pictures and description of my bro fur Oscar. He is indeed my brother, and we lived together for 4 and a half years before being split up. He loves the same things as me - scavenging for chewing gum, he chases bird out of the garden, he's a bit aloof with other dogs, and he is quirky just like me! oh and he has the nasty allergies *sigh* just like me...Am just a few minutes older than Oscar so my birthday is the day before his...

He looks very similar, size and everything and has a horrible grass allergy and he suffers lots like me - it's quite amazing! We are hoping to get lots more information soon and maybe even a few pictures from my early years! Gosh I might even remember it a bit better then!

I am in email contact with Oscar now and I am enjoying woofing about all our adventures with our new families...and how we are very happy and settled with our humans, I hope that one day with will be reunited to say woof woof once more in the fur...and maybe share a bowl of water..

This is Oscar - do you think we look similar?

So now I have a real bro and lots of very special twitters bro's yay!!!! #BTPosse

Love you all Gimli x


  1. Awesome update pal, such lovely news. Well chuffed for you. Manly hugs from your pal CB xx

  2. OMD! Gimli diz iz pawtastix! Weez soooo pleez fur yoo! Ooh we opes yoo gets meet Oscar nd duz memba im! Dat wud ne bwill!

  3. Dat is dubble pawsom news Gimlee my pal....mebbe yoo cud meet him