Monday, 7 January 2013

Dog blog introduction!

Hi welcome to my blog. Here I will be sharing my current undertakings, thoughts and musings. About hats, food, my past, and more hats and the odd scarf!

I want to start off by introducing myself wearing some different hats. I do like hats and i am hoping to wear lots by the end of the year.

My cartoon alter ego is also helping me out with my hat wearing ruminations.

I will also be hoping to make some guides for some of the trickier things in life.

Like all good films and books (two other of my passions in life) I will start at the beginning!

It all began in May 2010 and I had very little in the way of processions just an old rubber chicken that I still have to this day. I lived on a farm for 3 weeks after my second home broke down (don't know why!) I was sort of in-between homes and resting up with a few other dogs in some kennels beside an old farmhouse. The accommodation was not to be recommended – cold hard floors and sub-standard kibble. But it was here that I met my new owners, who took me out for a test walk. Of course I behaved very well and turned on all the charm as they seemed keen and stable people. Outdoor shoes looked appropriate for dog ownership and their lack of dog walking skills meant they will be easy for me to train.

So fate had been cruel and kind. I had endured the past, but now looked forward to the future with my new owners. Leaving the farm with its heady smells of rape seed and horse poop - I jumped into the boot of the car and we set off. I love travelling in cars - very relaxing, so I was pleased it was a long trip. Further away the better, if im going to have a new life I might as well go somewhere far away. I had time to savour the freshly prepared cage and bedding, and felt lulled by chatter about me. The humans seemed excited and nervous, I’d probably be able to settle them by keeping my head on this nice bedding and relaxing into it.

On arriving my new home I was shown to my sleeping quarters. My own room under the stairs. Not like Harry potter – all furnished nice with a new bed and cage. Nice and safe.
When my new owners had their mealtimes I went to the cage, and had my food afterwards. I had seen the Creaser Milan DVD lying around and knew they where going for the pack leader status. As they get to know each other I’m sure we will build up trust and I’ll be eating my food with them – then eating their food! As a border terrier I am good manipulating humans. My new owners seem nice, so I’m sure they will give me all a I need, and all I want!

They took me for a walk and gave me the same horrible supplied kibble. Now I’d got a nice home with my own garden I would make a stand on the food and not eat it. My new owners seamed nice, and concerned for my wellbeing by using pheromone diffusers and suchlike to help me relax from the shock of moving. Actually it wasn’t such a shock – more of a relief after the concrete floor and cold nights. The other dogs barked and made it hard to get a good night’s rest. Back to the food – so the refusal to eat spurned a game of buy and try. Food did improve – and eventually you will see what I ended up with.

I went to a vets and they put a chip inside me – not an oven chip or freshly cooked wedge of potato in goose fat – but a micro chip. I guess at looking at things long term I felt happy that this showed long term commitment to keeping me. While edible chips are tasty they are just transient trans fat comfort. I also developed an itch. This is nothing new – but my new owners where a bit suppressed about it. The vet explained it was atopica – a unhelpfully generic term of my skin problems. If I could talk I would have advised to get the insurance sorted out before mentioning this to the vet. As skin can be costly and I didn’t want to be a burden on them. I will be explaining about my skin in more detail in later blogs.

Well that's it furs for my first tasty dog blog - watch this space!!

Thanks for taking time to read me bloggy! BOL!

See you soon pals!

Gimli x

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  1. Wow Gimli! Bwilliant Blog pal! Iz gud fun innit? *giggle*

  2. ello fur you gimli, dat be a gud bloggi

  3. Great Gimli - Looking forward to the next instalment xxx

  4. a sUpA sToRy & wE wAnTs tO sEe mOre! xx

  5. Bring on the hats...I want to know more!

  6. Yay gimlibt! Welcum to de btposse! Excellent bloggy

  7. Brilliant gimli, can't wait for more x

  8. Love it pal! Issac still remembers you both playing off lead on the beach , yippee a great home

  9. Awww mate - my mum just read your blog out to me. I can see she is tearful. We are both so happy that you are now being so loved. Skin problems, me too pal. I've had years of trouble and tablets but eventually they made me really poorly and I ended up on a drip at the doctors for four days. Mum and Dad thought they would have to say goodbye to me but yeyyyyyyyyy here I still be !. Anyway things are much better now and I haven't itched for ages !. Catch you soon. Love Archie

  10. Hi pale! I will learn more about you nd your live nd adventures.

  11. Hey, I can't seem to find your email. I had a quick question about your blog! Can you email me?