Monday, 14 January 2013

Update 2

When I was searching for a new owner I had a letter of recommendation. It details my life and passes on the critical information needed to fully meet all my needs. For such a complex and demanding Terrier as myself you will perhaps judge this to be an inadequate letter - you could make this assumption from its length alone – as any Dog worth their bone would require several pages of small print. I’m not very happy about this letter as it does not really have the depth needed to communicate my character, needs, or history.I would also like to appeal against the slanderous remark about being nervous around children, because I'm extremely tolerant and good with them. I play very well with children and even let them play with my tennis ball.

If you read it then do so with the knowledge that everything turned out very well and I am now happy. It has been a struggle at times though, especially with my skin troubles - as this was simply not documented. It mentions nothing about me needing medication, steroids or copious trips to the vet.

It’s important to read with an open mind and form judgements about why and how things were put on paper and set in motion. If people form sensible opinions on these matters It may save other brave dogs from enduring this. I often wonder if a lack of emotion in the letter is because my previous owners had a limited emotional range or a lack of penmanship skills – or both or combination thereof. Maybe it was too emotionally difficult to express themselves, so they opted for a denial and banality.

Anyhow, get a nice cup of Earl Gray and have a read.

(you may need to click on the picture to enlarge)

Well done to @borderpup for suggesting a jesters hat. Here I am wearing one.

Keep your suggestions of headwear coming in! My latest hat venture is one inspired from the Victorian futurist Steampunk genre.

Take care for now pals

Love Gimli x

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  1. Oh Gimli - just read your blog & letter. Whatever reason they let you go you have ended up in a far better place.Put it behind you Look forward & enjoy the present with your loving family & don't look back over your shoulder.They didn't deserve you xxx