Monday, 21 January 2013

My first adventure! and Fun in the snow!

Now I was settled in my new home it was time to have a holiday. The destination was the Lake District, just outside Keswick where they make pencils. Driving to the campsite was spectacular - tall hills, mountains, and tors passed the view I had from the boot. We arrived at Castlerigg campsite and set up are camp in a pod. It's a large wooden kennel for people and animals. It has electricity to power a heater and lights. It's a luxury form of camping for humans that aren't as hardy as us terriers. They had a blow up bed, and I had my cage. The humans didn't know how I would cope in a strange place, but I settled right in and slept much better than they did- which I still find ironic.

We had some wonderful days out in Keswick. They have some amazing attractions - such as the Dog and Gun pub. This pub is very welcoming to dogs. They sell a special assortments of dog biscuits behind the bar. So when humans order food I can have something off the menu too. My humans went one step further and fetched me a sausage from a nearby chip shop. That pub trip was amazing, and when we walked past the pub last year I was so adamant that we where going in again that we eventually did do. And yes, I got my biscuits and sausage again. Such good times!

Not far from the pub is the incredible George Fisher shop. Not only is it multilevel bliss for outdoor human clothing, but also the staff made such a fuss of me they stopped work and came to stroke me. Biscuits would have be good, but stroking was nice.

We didn't go to the pencil factory in the end - not something the humans would have got away with it it had been a Dentistick factory!

On this holiday we also went to St Bees. The humans had had many nice trips to the beach at Robin Hoods Bay and where always fascinated by the famous walk from St Bee's to Robin Hoods Bay. So while in the area we popped into St Bees. Maybe it was the horizontal rain and dense mist, but the place seemed to lack something. We walked up a large hill and got so wet that going in the sea would have achieve the same effect. This dampened the human spirits. There was not large coffee shop chain present so we had some substitute in a squat rectangular building that didn't seem to have an adequate number of paint layers. So we left there somewhat deflated, cold, wet, and without proper sustenance.

I slept in my cage the first night, but then as I was so relaxed I was allowed out of the cage, so I made myself comfortable on the humans air-bed and sleeping bags. I really think sleeping bags are the way to go for terrier comfort on holiday. So now I have my own which I love. The Humans liked having me close, and I like to borrow there surplus body heat. Actually I felt very safe and happy!

There was a day trip to Grassmere that is worth mentioning. Its a lovely place where incredible gingerbread is sold. But thats not the source of interest of this day trip. We parked in the a school yard - which operated as a car park out of term time. We then walked down to the lake, where the humans looked at very large maps and nodded and pointed. The where lots of things to smell on this walk around the lake. Lots and lots of things. The 3 hour walk however took a little longer than expected. After 6 hours the humans were getting worried that we wouldn't be back in time to get the car out of the car park. There was still lots to smell though. We had to catch the bus back when we got to the main road, otherwise we would never have made it. The guide book severely underestimated the walking time when accompanied with a terrier. It was a lovely day though!

Next Week... we move to Coniston Water where I'm poorly and get no more sausage and make a visit to a TV vet.....

A snow day Monday 21st January 2013

Well today my humans got an extra day off work and we had some fun in the snow!

We made a new member for the posse!

Went sledging in the garden!

Watch the bins!!

One of my humans in a silly hat!

Played ball!

Let me in I want a biscuit please!

Thank you to @ClaptonTerrier and @maria7scruff for last weeks excellent hat choice!

Watch this space on the 25th for the next hat! *taps nose*

See you next week pals
Love Gimli x

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  1. Ellos Gimli! Anuva bwilliant blog pal! Weez awedy told dem da Lake Distwik is wer we goin fur owr nex olibobs! Yoo did av sutch fun in snow to - do we canno tell weva yoo or yooz dad woz enjoyin it da mos! Lux da snodawg!

  2. Brilliant again Gimli x You should make a TV programme too xx